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- Help Section -

Listed below are the answers to a few of our commonly asked questions.

If the question you have is not listed, scroll down and there is a form at the bottom of this page where you may submit your question.

We make every effort to answer all questions received between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm CST within four hours.

You may also call us at (501) 944-2840 if you prefer.

Common Questions:

  1. What is the difference between CAT 5 and CAT 5e cable? ANSWER
  2. What is the difference between patch cable and crossover cable? ANSWER
  3. Can I bury CAT 5 cable? ANSWER
  4. Can I use CAT 5 cable outdoors? ANSWER
  5. What is the maximum length of CAT 5 - CAT 5e cable? ANSWER
  6. What color cables are available? ANSWER
  7. What are "color-matched boots"? ANSWER
  8. Can I make my own CAT 5 cables? ANSWER
  9. Can I use CAT 5 for gaming? ANSWER
  10. What is the difference between CAT 6 and CAT 5e cable? ANSWER
  11. Is there any benefit to CAT 5e solid conductor cable? ANSWER
  12. Is there any difference in quality between Cables made in USA VS Offshore produced cables? ANSWER
  13. Can I use an RJ45 splitter to connect two computers to one source? ANSWER
  14. What cable should I use to connect a PC to a DSL or Cable modem? ANSWER
  15. What factors will effect the performance of Cat5e cable? ANSWER
  16. Can I use an RJ45 coupler to connect two lengths of Cat5 cable together? ANSWER
  17. What are some common uses for Cat5e ethernet cable? ANSWER
  18. What is Cat 5 cable? ANSWER
  19. Are there any advantages to using CAT 6 cable for computer networking? ANSWER
  20. Are there any problems with using patch cables that are less than a foot long? If so, what are they? ANSWER
  21. What is the maximum operating temperature range for CAT5e cable? ANSWER
  22. Does CAT 5 Cable Company make E1/T1 crossover cables? ANSWER
  23. Can I order Cat5e cables with boots of a different color? ANSWER
  24. Can I order Cat5e cables without the RJ45 plugs installed? ANSWER
  25. What is Plenum rated Cat5e cable and do I need it? ANSWER
  26. Can I route Cat 5 Cable on the exterior of my home? ANSWER
  27. Is Cat 5 Cable the same as Ethernet Cable? ANSWER
  28. What is the purpose of a Firewall? ANSWER
  29. Do I need shielded Cat 5 Cable for my application? ANSWER
  30. Are all network cables the same? ANSWER
  31. What is a patch cable? ANSWER
  32. What is a crossover cable? ANSWER
  33. What are some precautions to take when installing CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  34. Do I have to use shielded cable in order to have a secure network? ANSWER
  35. Can I use CAT 5 Cable in Power over Ethernet applications? ANSWER
  36. Is Wireless Networking as fast as a CAT 5 solid cable connection? ANSWER
  37. Can CAT 5 be used for applications other than data? ANSWER
  38. Are there any performance benefits to upgrading to CAT 5e Cable? ANSWER
  39. Why are there so many price differences in CAT 5 ethernet cable? ANSWER
  40. Is Coaxial Cable faster than CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  41. What is the difference between the TIA/EIA standards 568-A and 568-B? ANSWER
  42. Can I use CAT 5e Cable in applications that call for CAT 6 Cable? ANSWER
  43. Why do some patch cables fit the RJ45 jack differently than others? ANSWER
  44. Is there a specific color code associated with the PVC jacketing of CAT 5 Cables? ANSWER
  45. Does it matter where I position patch cables in reference to other equipment? ANSWER
  46. Why are the individual pairs within CAT 5 Cable twisted differently from each other? ANSWER
  47. Can I use CAT 5 Cable for telecommunications applications? ANSWER
  48. Do I have to use Plenum rated cable for high temperature applications? ANSWER
  49. How can CAT 5 improve my broadband internet performance? ANSWER
  50. Is it difficult to install CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  51. I have a damaged CAT 5 Cable. Can I repair it? ANSWER
  52. Is it possible to use CAT 5 Cable that exceeds the recommended limit of 328 feet? ANSWER
  53. Can CAT 6 or CAT 5e modular plugs be plugged into CAT 5 Jacks? ANSWER
  54. Why are there different designs of RJ45 modular plugs? Does the design effect performance? ANSWER
  55. What is pulling tension of CAT 5 Cable? Should I be concerned about it? ANSWER
  56. How does temperature effect the signal quality of CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  57. What are some things to consider when planning a home network? ANSWER
  58. How often should I replace my CAT 5 Patch Cables? ANSWER
  59. How should I arrange Patch Cords to prevent damaging them? ANSWER
  60. What are some considerations for temporary runs of CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  61. Will CAT 6 replace CAT 5e? ANSWER
  62. Does Gold plating in RJ45 plugs really make a difference in performance? ANSWER
  63. What effect does weather have on CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  64. I am considering using CAT 5e Plugs installed on CAT 6 Cable. What kind of performance can I expect? ANSWER
  65. Will the quality of CAT 5 Cable effect the performance of Voice-Over-IP applications? ANSWER
  66. I have some old CAT 5 Patch Cable. Can I reuse it? ANSWER
  67. How do I troubleshoot CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  68. Can CAT 5 Cable survive weather? ANSWER
  69. Can CAT 5 Network Cable be used for security systems? ANSWER
  70. How does Patch Cable quality effect bandwidth performance? ANSWER
  71. How long will CAT 5 Cable last? ANSWER
  72. How do I test CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  73. What are the benefits of using CAT 5 Cable for residential installations? ANSWER
  74. What is a hub? ANSWER
  75. What is the difference between Stranded and Solid CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  76. How do I install CAT 5 Cable underground? ANSWER
  77. Should my CAT 5 Cable be run through a surge protector? ANSWER
  78. Why are the wires inside of CAT 5 Cable color-coded? ANSWER
  79. Is there any danger in using a CAT 5 Cable with a cut in the PVC Jacket? ANSWER
  80. Is CAT 5 Patch Cable suitable for use in home theatre applications? ANSWER
  81. Does CAT 5E Cable really perform the same as CAT 6 Cable? ANSWER
  82. Can I use CAT 6 Cable for CAT 5E Applications? ANSWER
  83. Can CAT 5E Plugs be installed on CAT 6 Cable? ANSWER
  84. What kind of Cable do I need to update my Blue-Ray player? ANSWER
  85. What kind of Cable do I need to connect a router to another router? ANSWER
  86. What will happen if I combine hardware from different manufacturing companies in my network? ANSWER
  87. If I have CAT 5 Cable currently installed in my network will it support an upgrade to Gigabit network equipment? ANSWER
  88. What is Bend Radius and should I be concerned about it? ANSWER
  89. Why is there a length limitation for CAT 5 Cable? ANSWER
  90. My CAT 5 Cable has 24 AWG written on the side of the jacket. What does this refer to? ANSWER
  91. Can CAT 5 Cable be used for custom audio applications? ANSWER
  92. Does the thickness of the PVC jacketing have any bearing on assembling CAT 6 Cable? ANSWER
  93. Does CAT 5 Cable have a life expectancy? ANSWER
  94. What are the advantages to using CAT 5 Cable for voice communications? ANSWER
  95. What kind of performance can I expect using a broadband air card as the backbone of my home network? ANSWER
  96. Can I run CAT 6 Cable in copper conduit to provide shielding from Electro Magnetic Interference? ANSWER
  97. Can I splice CAT 6 Cable with CAT 5E Cable to make a single continuous run? ANSWER
  98. How can I visually distinguish a patch cable from a crossover cable? ANSWER
  99. If pulling tension is exceeded on CAT 5E or CAT 6 Cable, how will it be damaged? ANSWER
  100. Is there a limit to how many CAT 6 Cables can be bundled in a single run? ANSWER
  101. I have been told you can run two ethernet connections through a single CAT 5 Cable. Is this possible and what are the drawbacks? ANSWER
  102. What is twisted pair cable? ANSWER
  103. What is structured cabling? ANSWER
  104. Can CAT 5E Cable maximum length be exceeded? ANSWER
  105. Can I have a CAT 5 network using wireless tethering? ANSWER
  106. Is CAT 5 Cable more secure than wireless when used for home alarm systems? ANSWER
  107. What is a link? ANSWER


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